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3rd International Conference on HR , Education and Social Sciences (HESS)

3rd International Conference on HR , Education and Social Sciences (HESS)
Event Type: Conference
Conference Catogery: Social Sciences and Humanities
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 02/07/2020
Event Date: From 2020-02-15 to 2020-02-16
Location: Osaka,Japan
Contact person: Dr. Masataka
Contact Email:

Event Description:

MRRDS conference aims to bring together Researchers, Scientists, Academics, Educators, Historians, Practitioners and Scholar Students to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and research results about all aspects of Humanities, Liberal Arts Education, Social Sciences, Cultural Studies, Arts Management, Business Management, Finance, Business Sciences, and Interdisciplinary Studies. Speakers and presenters will share new concepts, best practices, knowledge, experience, strategies, and solutions, with a focus on promoting knowledge, sustainable development and quality of life in Asian and Middle Eastern communities. Scholars, researchers, practitioners, and graduate students are invited to submit their proposals/abstracts to be considered for presentation at Role of Multidisciplinary Research in Development of Social Science Research (MRRDS).

Organized by: MRRDS
Check the Event Website for more details.

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